Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is a kind of piercing that’s usually done via the small cartilage piece found on the outer portion of the ear, just ahead of the ear canal entrance. Piercing tragus, or this piercing type can be and should be performed only by a professional piercer. The procedure must be done with a piercing needle; piercing guns are a strict no. There are quite a few tragus piercing risks, and use of the incorrect tools could bring them up to the fore. For individuals keen on some unique piercing techniques and who are not anti tragus piercing, tragus should be a good option.

Tragus Piercing – Safety and Healing

To get the piercing done, it’s essential to visit a professional, reputable piercing salon, especially if one wants to steer clear of tragus piercing risks. Some expert piercers like to use straight needles, while there are others who prefer a curved needle. Despite the distinct tools, there is no visible difference in the final outcome.

The needle is hollow – the piercing kind – and with a small gauge. Once the needle goes through the cartilage and within the receiving tube for preventing any kind of ear canal damage, a piece of tragus piercing jewelry would be inserted. While there are quite a few options, captive-bead rings turn to be the most popular of the lot.

It may take anywhere between six to eighteen weeks for the piercing to heal. However, there are quite a few piercers who recommend staying put with the original jewelry for close to a year. This is due to the fact that cartilage healing can be notoriously difficult, and it’s also quite easy to bump the area and cause tragus piercing pain during the recovery process.


Cleaning the piercing site once per day should become a routine practice. In fact, some professionals recommend the cleaning act twice every day. Generally, an alcohol solution and a sterile saline fluid are used for cleaning the area and to destroy any bacteria that may cause an infection. It’s also important to refrain from touching the piercing during the healing period.