Snake Bites Piercing

A Guide To Snake Bites Piercing

A snake bites piercing is a set of two lip piercings whereby one is placed on the lower lip’s either side. Such piercings can be done either separately or at the same time. This practice has over the last few years risen in popularity, leading to a significant reduction in snake bites piercing cost.

Labret studs, circular ball barbells and ball circular rings are all examples of snake bite piercing jewelry. However, one has to decide how they wish to wear their snake bites from the first piercing. This is because changing back and forth from a labret stud to ring does not work, as the holes are not pierced in a similar way. Also, the jewelry will not set right if someone tries to switch.

In both snake bites piercing on girls and snake bites piercing on boys, there is risk of gum and tooth damage as a result of the jewelry rubbing against gums and teeth. Such damage is likely to be permanent, so an individual should consult a professional piercer in case of any changes in the area. Wearing a Bioplast labret stud can minimize this damage. The piercings’ outside should be cleaned with saline solution every day.

One thing to bear in mind about getting snake bites is that it involves two piercings at once. This can be a bit more painful and stressful on the body when compared to getting just one piercing. It is also important to look for a piercer who is careful on properly lining them up. Should one be off center or lower/higher than the other, it will not look good.

The piercer makes dots on the skin and then asks the client to look in the mirror and approve each placement. The client should do so carefully before giving the go ahead.

As is the case with most lip piercings, snake bites are both oral and external. This means there are two kinds of aftercare instructions to be followed. It is advisable to stay away from cigarettes and substances like alcohol which contain yeast.