Hood Piercing

Increase Your Sex Experience With Hood Piercing

Ladies looking forward to increase their sexual experience can choose to pierce their clitoris. One can choose between vertical clitoral hood (VCH) and horizontal clitoral piercing. If you are not quite sure which one is the best for you, contact a professional to help you select one that will maximize your sexual experiences without causing excessive pain.

Choosing Your Type of Clitoral Hood Piercing

A vertical clitoral piercing starts from top of the clitoris downwards. Before this procedure is conducted, your professional piercer will need to perform a cotton swab test to determine if you are eligible for this type of piercing. Where the tip of the cotton swab fits well into the hood without force, then you are the right candidate for the tube your piercer will use to avoid any damages to your clitoral hood during the piercing process.

Some people, who desire to undergo this procedure, hold fears, making them unable to realize their dreams. To some women, the process of receiving the tube can be uncomfortable, but the entire process of piercing the clitoris only hurt for a few minutes as the professional pierces through the clitoral hood from bottom to top.

Most women who have successfully pierced their clitoris say this process is similar to earlobe piercing. This means the process involves minimal pain to get the results.

You never have to worry about the labia covering your expensive jewelry that you would want to show off to your partner. To most women with this concern, a vertical clitoral piercing may seem inappropriate. However, an experienced piercer can clear this doubt and make your new-looking vagina shine.

The starter piercing jewelry weighs about 12 to 14 grams. For the best results, women can choose bead rings and curved barbells, especially when it comes to VCH piercing. The advantage with this type of piercing is that it heals quite fast, but the beneficiaries of the procedure should exercise caution by playing safe during the first two months of the procedure.

Final Thought on Hood Piercing

It is advisable that your male partner wear a condom during sex and a latex dental dam to help protect the fistula from bacterial infection.