Daith piercing

Daith piercing, when compared to other types of piercing, is quite new and has been gaining tremendous popularity in the recent past. There are different kinds, such as daith heart piercing, daith ear piercing, etc. The ear piercing kind refers to a technique wherein the inner cartilage (just a portion) is pierced. This kind of piercing is quite complicated and the service may not be available at every piercing salon.

Daith Piercing – Going About Things

• Initially, one must look out for reputable local salons that perform this type of piercing. If one resides in a rural region, he/she would invariably end up traveling quite some distance before finding the right salon for the job. To ensure a safe and smooth experience, the salon zeroed in on must be reputable and should abide by the health regulations of the state.

• In case of daith piercing pain, an OTC pain reliever should suffice. If one has low pain tolerance levels, a dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen could bring down the discomfort felt during the process.

• The next stage of the process is the daith piercing jewelry. Most individuals usually go in with a barbell or a small ring for placement at the site.

• To get the piercing done, a curved needle would be needed. These needles are generally used to pierce a portion of the inner ear cartilage. Most piercings are placed at a cartilage site that’s nearest to the head.

• Salons usually provide the customer with an aftercare instructions manual or booklet post the session. The instructions within throw light on the fundamentals of caring and cleaning for the new piercing. Courtesy routine cleaning, the chances of the pierced area getting infected go down considerably.

• The piercing site would take close to two months to heal completely. Until completely restored, the piercing should not be removed.

• As far as the initial jewelry recommendations for the piecing go, most piercers would take the ear’s size into consideration prior to putting down their views or thoughts.