Cheek Piercing

Nearly everyone loves a good dimple. This may be partially because it brings out that sweet, cuddly, childish look in you. A cheek piercing is meant to offer you that youthful radiance associated with having dimples

Cheek Piercing

Just as the name suggests, cheek piercings are located on the facial cheeks. They are mostly done on natural dimples or so as to offer the illusion of a dimple on your cheek. The entire procedure is usually done symmetrically, meaning that they are done at the same time so that they match up (on both cheeks).

Cheek piercing – (cheek piercing jewelry, cheek piercing scars, upper cheek piercing, cheek bone piercing) jewelry usually involves anything between a 16 to a 12 gauge Labret stud. Should you notice any unusual signs such as flattening gums or excessive bleeding, you may have to remove the piercing as your oral health is of more importance than a pretty piercing.

Care After The Piercing

As you may have noticed, your cheeks are pretty “fleshy” and contain numerous blood vessels. This poses a problem as it makes the piercing more painful and uncomfortable (though it varies with your pain threshold). Fortunately, with the right after care, your cheeks will heal fantastically.

You may make use of antibacterial medication as well as saline in the treatment of bacteria, in which case, having a jewelry on during treatment can be a plus as it keeps the wound open, allowing the wound to drain as the medication does its work.

You also need to have a reliable doctor or a piercer with past experience in dealing with an infected pierce. This is because in some rare cases, you may require their professional expertise in dealing with your situation.

There are extra cautionary steps you will also need to take into consideration. For instance, if you are a lady with a cheek piercing, you will need to take extra caution when it comes to applying your make-up as well as Hairspray, least you irritate the wounds.

Men on the other hand; particularly if you are a smoker, should try and stay off your cigarette for a while, and if that is impossible, you could try and cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke so that your cheek piercing has the right environment to heal.